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These shutters are a type of window coverings - an alternative to curtains. Made from 100% Solid Meranti Wood, they are much more durable and easily cleaned than curtains. These shutters let you adjust the light that enters the room easily and keep your privacy at the same time.


Displayed here is finished with a white duco, to give your interior a modern yet timeless look. They cost Rp. 4,500,000-/m2 installed.


These shutters come in different styles and different finishes. Use it to cover your windows, or even doors to you balcony. The usages are limitless. Once installed in your windows, it will make your house feel like home and you will enjoy it for decades to come. Add value to your home by installing high quality shutters. Chat to us for a free obligation quotation and we will gladly help you.


Wooden Shutter Blinds

  • Materials and Finishes

    Solid Meranti Wood in White Duco Finish

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