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About Us

We, founders of Vidia Home, started our endeavour in the wood industry in 2003. Throughout our journey we have learnt a great deal about timber. Our knowledge about wood covers everything from knowing how good quality timbers look like, the specific use of different types of timber and the way to treat timbers so that they can produce the best products. In our timber shop Naga Jaya, we practise very strict rules in our operations to ensure only good quality timbers are delivered to our customers.

The story of Vidia Home began when we realised that with our expansive knowledge about wood, we could bring about good quality wooden furnitures into the homes of many. Working with skilful craftsmen and carpenter, our furnitures are handcrafted with passion.

The material for our products are mainly high-quality solid wood from our abundant wood supply and our above standard meticulous quality control. We also work with steel, veneer, fabric and leather padding into our pieces so that we can produce designs that are modern, contemporary and minimalist.

To ensure that our designs are always aligned with the current trend in the furniture industry, we work with a number of both local and international designers with trusted credentials. 

A well crafted furniture is not complete without meticulous touch of finish. Here at Vidia Home, our finishing team fervently discuss various finishing techniques so as to ensure that only the most appropriate one is used for a particular piece of product.

The work that we do goes beyond producing furnitures of our own designs. We also do custom works for interior, fixed, and loose furnitures. 

Welcome to Vidia Home, the home of quality wooden furnitures at affordable prices.

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